Les Amoureux de Peynet
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    Since the 50’s, Raymond Peynet works a lot on the topic of Lovers. On his lovers, Peynet’s wife has an important position: the muse. 

In 1942, in front the bandstand of Valence in Drôme, that Raymond Peynet created his couple of lovers that Max Favalelli, chief redactor of the revue Ric and Rac, charmed by the couple, will name “The lovers of Peynet”.

The lovers of Peynet have a worldwide popularity. The lovers of Peynet appear in revues such as Marie France, Elle or Paris-Match. The lovers of Peynet follow fashion only by their clothes which evolutes depending of topics, countries, regions, and seasons. Raymond Peynet accompanies his lovers with two small birds evocating peace and liberty, and small angels, symbol of love. Raymond Peynet decides to develop his lovers.

The couple of the lovers of Peynet know an immediate success and become quickly part of the popular pictures patrimony. The popularity of the lovers of Peynet will be as straight as long. Raymond Peynet works on an intense rhythm for many newspapers. The characters of the lovers of Peynet will give to Raymond Peynet a worldwide popularity.

In homage to the lovers of Peynet and for friendship for Raymond Peynet liked from everyone for his kindness. Brassen wrote “les bancs publics”, followed with the same spirit by creations of Charles Aznavour or Marcel Amont.